I needed this at Best Buy today

I don’t even have to see the television program to know that based on the toys at Target that this is my favorite toy/television program idea EVER:

It’s called Word World and if you haven’t seen it at your local toy store, you should definitely drop what you are doing and go to wherever they sell it and check it out. Especially if you have any children that you are trying to teach to read, or if you think you might someday have children that will need to learn to read. Or if you know any children that need to learn to read. Or if you have ever heard of a place that has any children that need to read.

Basically, the concept is that everything in this world is made from the letters that spell it. It is AWESOME!

(The reference to Best Buy is a whole other story: I was looking for the Bride & Prejudice movie soundtrack. I asked the clerk if they had it. After looking for Pride & Prejudice, I mentioned that it was Bride and not Pride. He then proceeded to spell ‘prejudice’ as ‘predujice’.)

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