Figure Skating. Sheesh! Do I really need to explain this?

So, I discovered today that I am odd because I prefer the Winter Olympic Games over the Summer Games.

It is okay because I will still watch some of the Summer Games. Still, I prefer figure skating to just about every Olympic event ever invented. (Note to my brother: I still think curling is a fake sport.)

I love figure skating. I’ll even watch it when it isn’t the Olympics. Seriously, who doesn’t love figure skating? (Although Stan would like me to rephrase that to “What girl doesn’t love figure skating?”) I mean, come on, Peggy Fleming, Dorthy Hamill, Kristi Yamaguchi, Nancy Kerrigan, and Michelle Kwan? They’re amazing! And who didn’t leap with joy when Sarah Hughes came from behind and won the gold in Salt Lake? And if you didn’t cry when Michelle Kwan skated to “Fields of Gold” that year, then you are a cold-hearted wretch and deserve to be strapped with the burden of watching curling every day for the rest of your life.

It should be no surprise that I love figure skating. It is a beautiful, romantic sport (Thank you, The Cutting Edge). And because there is no figure skating in the summer, I am content to watch the gymnastics competition (although I seriously don’t think it will be the same without the Hamm twins), but that is about it. Maybe diving. And Stan wants to watch basketball. Other than that, I’ll stick to reading Sense and Sensibility.

Oh, if you’re still with me, I did find a really interesting page today. It is from the New York Times website. It is a map of all of the medal counts from past Olympic games. So far, I am only seeing the summer games, but it is really cool. You should check it out. Oh, I almost forgot, here’s the link.

P.S. Watching the Olympics tonight, I learned something very important. The commentators for American television (ahem, NBC) are very critical of the US team. Do you know how mad that makes me? Really mad. Support your own country, you morons.

4 thoughts on “Figure Skating. Sheesh! Do I really need to explain this?

  1. rindy says:

    It makes perfect sense to me that you would love ice skating. I do have to say though, that I don’t. Crazy, I know. I think at one point in my childhood I did like it. But somewhere along the way, the love faded. Just had to share that there is a girl out there who does not like to watch ice skating! 🙂

  2. Coley says:

    Yeah, I could never really see you as the type for watching figure skating. It’s okay, though. Your clogging skills more than make up for it! 😉

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