I’m Still Reading, Just Not What You Think I’m Reading

Okay, so forget Reading Challenges for now. Call me what you will; a quitter, a failure, a loser. I don’t care. I am none of those things.

The truth is that I just decided I wanted to read some things that weren’t on my reading challenge lists, and I got off track. Once off track, it was easier to stay off the track than to try and get back on it for the sake of finishing a list of books that I set for myself.

So, what am I reading these days, you ask? Easy, I am reading all of Jane Austen’s novels, from this beautiful volume. I just finished Sense and Sensibility, and I am starting Pride and Prejudice. I am reading them in publication order. What’s that you say? “Haven’t I read them before?” Why, yes. Yes, I have. Most of them, anyway. But I am reading them again. Oh, and guess what I learned? They are better the second time around!

So, there you have it. I actually did fairly good on one of the challenges, but I just haven’t had the heart for the others. And I still may pick all of those books back up, or replace them with new ones. Some of the books I’m required to read for this fall semester fall into the years on the Decades Challenge, so there is hope that I will complete them all.

Honestly, and you readers know this, I just have to read what is interesting to me at the moment. I love reading and want my reading to be about enjoyment. That is why I’m reading Austen right now. I’m in the mood for a little romance, and I don’t read Danielle Steel.

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