I’m Pretty Sure They’re Hiding Something

Stan and I are almost certain that there was some catastrophic event that happened at the Olympics over the weekend, but that they’re hiding it from us. We decided this because on Saturday we saw that they were broadcasting Dressage.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, don’t worry. You’re not alone. I had to look it up on Wikipedia. Dressage is an equestrian sport, although I really cringe at the use of the word ‘sport’. It has also been referred to as ‘horse ballet’. Basically, it is just a horse and rider walking (prancing?) around and showing off how well trained the horse is. For a long time. With a lot of prancing in place.

This is the most boring Olympic event I have ever seen. Seriously. Ever. I’d rather watch curling. While reading The Old Man and the Sea. In Latin.

We actually watched it for a few minutes, until I found the Wiki page and read the article. After that, I had watched all of the horsey dancing I could stand so I turned back over to water polo, which is also boring, but at least you can figure out what’s going on without consulting the internet.

5 thoughts on “I’m Pretty Sure They’re Hiding Something

  1. Jana Swartwood says:

    But if you had ever seen the Royal Lipizzaner Stallions perform, you might disagree. It was so beautiful. I had a book on them as a kid, and it was like the coolest thing ever when I got to see them perform live. On the other hand, I like what you’re saying about the big cover-up of something. I’m conspiracy-theory enough to get on board with that. 😉

  2. Jana Swartwood says:

    No, I’m totally not making it up! It’s a breed of horse (Portugese, I think…there’s some discussion about their origin in the movie Crimson Tide, whether it’s Spain or Portugal, but I can’t remember at the moment).

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