Hamburger Poetry

I started classes this week, and this morning I had American Novel and Creative Writing.

Okay, Jana, this is for you . . . I actually think there is a chance I will enjoy my American Novel course. Seriously. I’ve learned that when you have a passionate teacher, that you become passionate about what they are teaching. It just so happens that I have a teacher who is passionate about American literature. I still won’t assume that I will enjoy all of the reading, but as for the class itself, I have high hopes.

As for Creative Writing, I have no doubts that I will enjoy it. We are expected to turn in a poem every week. We have to do both a poetry and fiction portfolio. This morning, our professor went around the room asking for different types of words. She asked me for a noun, and because I was hungry, I said “hamburger”. After gathering a list of words, she commissioned us to write a poem based on the words on the board, including some variation of the phrase “Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched.” The italicized words are the ones we were required to use.

Here is the poem I wrote:

Delicious hamburgers remind me
I think of swimming in summer
Watermelon delicately sliced
We dressed for fun
Our family gathered
Those days of kites and baseball
Maturity has taught me the danger
Of counting unhatched chickens
Of hoping for things that may not come
Yet I am enticed to hide dashed hopes in the memories of summer

4 thoughts on “Hamburger Poetry

  1. Coley says:

    Thanks! This creative writing class has been so good for me. She gives us these writing prompts and then only gives us 5 or 10 minutes to write a poem from that. It is really a great motivator!

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