Note to the Media

The joke about New Kids on the Block, that you’ve been using ever since the announcement in May, where you replace “New Kids” with “Old Guys” and “the Block” with anything relating to being old, is now, officially, OLD.

We get it. You’re trying to be funny. You think you are really clever because you put a new spin on the same joke that every other journalist has been using for four months.


There. I laughed. Happy now?

One thought on “Note to the Media

  1. stan says:

    See, it’s much funnier when it’s the sexagenarian Rolling Stones, because they genuinely are old. That gravy train won’t ever slow down. But 40-ish isn’t that old. After all, who makes fun of Madonna’s age, or Michael Jackson’s (both are 50)? Who’s out there calling 46-year-old Sheryl Crow an old biddy?Sure, their name is New Kids, so the media was allowed a short period of ha-has due to the irony of them being neither new nor kids (Old Guys on the Lawn was my favorite). But you’re right, Nicole. They’ve been officially back together for four months now. That humor threshold has long passed.(No lie, my verification word is iboyz.)

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