"We need some Heroes"

When “Heroes” first came out, I watched the first episode, and despite the fact that one of the heroes was the wonderfully gorgeous Milo Ventimiglia, it just didn’t hold my attention enough to get me addicted.

Okay, I get it, everyone loves this show. I just say “Heroes” and people start in all “OMG, do you watch it? Isn’t it awesome!?!” No, I don’t watch it, and if you “OMG” or “BFF” me one more time, I’m totally drop-kicking your butt back into junior high school where you belong.

But, I have started reading the recaps on Television Without Pity, and I am hooked. No, no, no, silly peoples, not on the show, on the recaps! Television is way funnier when seen through the sarcastic lens of the geniuses at TWoP.

Just to prove it, here is a quote from the first episode (censored, of course, because there is a little language on the site):

Suresh says that “they” say that we use only a tenth of our brain power which isn’t true at all and actually kind of stupid that the writers included it in this show. It’s called Google, dudes. I suggest you use it before committing (crap) like this to script.

And it just gets funnier as I go through the episodes. So, okay, girls (ahem, Jana and Becky), don’t ruin it for me because I’m only through to the recap of episode 10 of season 1.

Yeah, I seriously prefer keeping up with the show this way. Like I said, it’s way funnier!

2 thoughts on “"We need some Heroes"

  1. Emily says:

    I, too, tried to watch “Heroes” when it first came out. I wanted to like it – it seemed like my kind of show. But, once they started cutting people’s heads open and it just got gorrier and gorrier…no thanks. I have though about trying to watch it again, but we’re still only halfway through season 4 of “The Office!”

  2. KB says:

    TWoP is fabulous. A lot of the recappers also have their own blogs that are wickedly funny and worth checking out, too. You could easily get stuck for days laughing and saying, “That is so true!” It’s almost as addictive as Facebook.

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