School Days

The nephew started Kindergarten this year. He really likes it. I know that because every time we see him, he wants Stan and I to play school with him. He is usually the teacher, and one of us (well, it is almost always Stan, a.k.a. Teacher’s Pet) gets to be his helper.

Recently we were playing school, and of course the nephew was our teacher and Teacher’s Pet was the helper. I was the lowly student. All of a sudden, the nephew asked me about my school. He has been telling me for a few weeks that next time we played school, we would play my school instead of his. Here is how the conversation went.

Nephew: Coco, we never played your school before. What do you do at your school?
Me: Well, we talk, and make up stories to write. We also read a lot of books, and we play tennis.
Nephew: Oh, okay. Well this school is going to be a little different from your school.

Well, guess you just can’t top centers and recess.

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