It turns out that I can make a decision

I appreciate your votes on my poll, but I’ve decided on my own. I’m actually typing this post on Monday, October 27th, but didn’t want to post it before the poll ended. After meeting with my advisor this afternoon, I decided to go with my schedule of 12 hours in the Spring, 5 hours in the Summer, and 12 hours in the Fall, or perhaps 14 hours in the Spring, 6 hours in the Summer, and 9 to 12 hours in the Fall, depending on what is offered.

The reason I made this decision is simple: I want to graduate. I know, I know. Graduation could wait another semester, but the truth is I’m ready. I have been in college off and on for the past 12 years, and I’m tired. So, I decided to push myself for one year, in order to graduate earlier. Maybe I’ll regret it. Maybe I’ll want to quit. But that is a risk I have to take.

My husband supports my decision. My advisor thinks I’ve made the right choices. My parents are thrilled that I’ll be graduating so soon. So, I’m going to do it. I am going to work my tail off for the next 14 months, and hopefully graduate from college on December 19, 2009 with my beloved degree in English Literary Studies!

*10/30/08–Today, the poll is much closer than I thought it would be when I wrote this on Monday (it was 3 to 1 then for me to graduate later). Now that the vote has been a solid 4-5 for the past 24 hours, I can safely say that it was too close to call, knowing the person who voted that they would not decide my future (I do know who you are) would probably make the decision I am making, so I’m calling it a tie!


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