And now that the election is over . . .

I won’t talk about it anymore.

Instead, I want to talk about books. I just decided to start reading Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. I am on page one. There are 1,066. This could take awhile.

Also, I have recently heard about Terry Pratchett. I seem to recall seeing his books on a shelf once, but never dared to pick them up. (I’m less adventurous about new authors than I appear to be on the internet.) Still, I’ve heard some good things, so I’m looking for his books. If anyone has any insight . . . ??

I am probably not going to finish my reading challenges. I really want to finish the What’s In a Name? Challenge, and could actually do it because I’m only two books away from having read a book in every category. Maybe I’ll at least try to finish that one, so that I don’t feel so guilty when I join up for next year’s edition of the challenge.

So, I need some recommendations. I have a book with a weather event in the title, but have not been able to get my hands on A Pocket Full of Rye. I need a good book with a plant in the title. Something interesting that will keep my attention and not be too difficult to get through in two months.

Anyone? Anyone?

2 thoughts on “And now that the election is over . . .

  1. stan says:

    I have also had my interest piqued by Pratchett, especially the Discworld series. I’ve been hesitant to dive into Discworld, though, because there are so many books in the series (36 so far) not to mention all of the other Discworld-themed side projects, that it seems a bit overwhelming (and possibly expensive). But it’s still a series worth looking into. Maybe we can check out the first book at the library :)A few years ago I read Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game, and I really liked it. However, once I realized how many later books there were in the series (and parallel series), the notion of continuing the series became a bit daunting. We have the second book, Speaker for the Dead, at home. Someday I’ll give it another try.

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