"Well, color me happy! There’s a sofa in here for two."

I just felt like posting something, but didn’t really have anything important to say.

We decided to rearrange the furniture this week. Shortly after I moved to Tulsa, I got a love seat with a hide-a-bed in it. It was perfect, in my little one bedroom, when family came to visit. I could give my bed away to my guests and wouldn’t need to sleep on the living room floor. I still have that sofa. It is uncomfortable to sit on, and not much more comfortable to sleep on, but it is functional.

Everyone in my family hates this sofa. We have had to move it so many times, and it is very heavy and awkward.

Anyway, when Stan and I moved into our duplex in March, we started out with that sofa in the living room. A few months later, I decided to move it to the spare bedroom to give us a place for company, should we ever have just one guest. This week, we decided to move it back into the living room, because we have company coming for dinner on Saturday night, and we learned last time we had a dinner that we did not have enough places for everyone to sit in the living room. When we moved it, I realized that it really belonged in there with our other chairs, and didn’t know why I thought it would be better in the spare bedroom.

Of course, it is entirely possible that in a few months, I’ll be telling you where we are moving it to next.

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