A Question for Mothers

Because I think the radio is wrong.

This morning I was listening to a local station, and the DJ (who was male) was asking the question, “How soon does a baby recognize his/her mother’s voice?” The first two callers (who were female) guessed “At birth”, which the DJ said was wrong, and the third called guessed “2 weeks old”, which he said was right. I almost called the DJ to ask where he got his scientific evidence to support that answer.

A quick search on Google revealed that there are some studies that show babies reacting to their mother’s voice from the womb.

I’m more inclined to believe those studies than a study that says a baby takes two weeks to recognize their mother’s voice. After all, John the Baptist recognized the voice of Mary and leapt while he was in the womb. Aren’t we fearfully and wonderfully made?

So, I’m just curious, my friends who are mothers, do you remember when your son/daughter first showed signs that they recognized the sound of your voice?


3 thoughts on “A Question for Mothers

  1. Emily says:

    not being a mom, i don’t know, but i was 12 when my little brother was born and I can swear he recognized mom, me and my stepdad at birth!p.s. my word verification is “fishie.” it made me think of how a toddler would spell fishy. and somehow that was appropriate to your post…

  2. Ice Cream Family says:

    The DJ is wrong…that’s a man for you. j/k Babies can hear their mother’s voice in the womb. I have absolutely no doubt that my daughter recognized my voice (and well just me in general) when she was born because I was the only person she didn’t scream her head off with! She was kicked out of the nursery in the hospital because of her screaming–not kidding.As for blog comments…go private and you will probably get even less comments.

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