I might stop blogging

Over the past month, I have only had one person comment on any of my posts, and my stats are low. I guess no one’s really reading this blog, so more than likely, I will either stop blogging, or make this blog private.

I do think that you have to give comments to get comments, but for awhile I gave a lot of comments on friends’ blogs, and some of them never returned the comment-love. Lately, my attitude has been, “Well, if you aren’t commenting on my blog, I won’t comment on yours.” Not the right attitude, but, hey, I’m human, not perfect.

I also understand that people are busy, and may be reading but not taking the time to comment. I understand that. I have you all in a feed reader, and I check it almost every day, but I don’t always head over to your blog to respond. However, because of the feed reader, you may not know that I’m reading, and I may not know who is reading here that has me in a feed reader, because that information doesn’t show up on my stats.

Anyway, I still don’t know what I’m going to do, but if I suddenly disappear, at least the two of you, who I know are occasionally reading this, will know why.


5 thoughts on “I might stop blogging

  1. Jami Leigh says:

    Here. Feed reader. Busy. All of the above. Oh, and for the last one I’ll say they recognize either in the womb or immediately after birth. With in the first hour Kaleb would respond to Kurt and my voice and no one else’s.

  2. Coley says:

    Hi Em! 🙂Amy, feedburner.com is a good idea.Okay, Jana, since you mentioned it . . . writing notes on Facebook does not count as blogging. Seriously. I read the notes, but it isn’t your blog so I don’t usually comment. I do hope you start blogging again.Jami, I also know that Kaleb responded to my voice earlier than he responded to other voices (not yours and Kurt’s, of course), probably because I sang to him so much before he was born.

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