Determined to Write!

I just made a commitment for which I need someone to hold me accountable. Any takers? In my Creative Writing class, our prof. asked us to try specific methods for working on poems for the next 20 days. Today is the first day. The last day is Feb. 9th. I plan to commit to three things:

1. Write for (at least) 20 minutes each day.

I have been trying to make myself set aside time every day to write for years, but have never been able to stay with it. When I lived in Tulsa, I wrote a lot more, and some good things came out of it. Honestly, I need to produce a lot of poetry over the next several weeks, so I really want to commit to writing, journaling, working on a story, brainstorming, or whatever comes to mind. This writing will, most likely, not ever be read by anyone. It is strictly a journaling exercise.

2. Write a blog post (hoping for inspiration) each day.

I have wavered about this blog, however, the post I wrote recently about skiing in New Mexico inspired me to write a poem that I actually like. Now, I know I could just write for 20 minutes, and not write a blog post, but I think, in this case, that more writing is better. By writing something every day that I know others will be reading, it will make me think more carefully about my writing, rather than just writing the random thoughts that come into my head.

3. Read 10 poems each day.

Reading 10 poems every day sounds like a lot of reading, and it feels like it, too. However, poems can be short sometimes, and are a different kind of reading, so 10 poems could be a very little reading. The choice to read 10 poems comes from a need to immerse myself in poetry. Some of these poems will be by authors you have never heard of, because they will be the poems of my classmates, but I will still count them as part of my 10. My plan is to make a daily list of the poems I read each day to post here.

That is my plan. Now, this post doesn’t count as my one post for the day, because it is strictly informational, which means that I still have to come up with another blog post for today, and a list of the poems I’ve read.

I know that most of you aren’t going to be babysitting my blog every day to make sure that I’m doing what I say I’m going to do. People are just too busy for that. However, if you happen to notice that I haven’t posted, and you have a minute to leave a comment, or drop me an email, or send me a Facebook message, or whatever form of communication you prefer, I would appreciate it. I could just ask Stan to keep me accountable, but he is just too darn nice, and easy to distract ;). So, I’m asking my friends (especially my fellow writers) to help keep me on track.

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