Now, That’s Customer Satisfaction!

During the lunch break, Stan and I decided to go to a local place called Pappa’s. The link is to my raving review of the place on the Taco Blog.

I take it back.


I mean it.

Okay, so their food is still good, but they lost my business today. Here’s the story . . . (Of a lovely lady) . . .

Background info:
In the post linked above, I talked about how lunch at Pappa’s is different from dinner. During lunch, you used to go to the counter, place and pay for your order, then find a seat to wait until they brought it out to you. During dinner, you sat down, ordered from a menu, and paid at the end. It worked great.

Now, both lunch and dinner are sit, order, then pay.

We walked in, were told to sit and the waitress would bring us a menu. So, we sat. While we sat the waitress went to another table to give them their menus, and she took both their drink order and lunch order. She then went to another table to give them menus, and take both their drink and lunch order. Then she went behind the counter and put away the menus and started doing something with the cash register. Then, she started working on the drink orders for the two tables whose order she had taken. During all of this time, we were ignored by the waitress, who didn’t even bother to give us menus.

We walked out.

When I called back to complain to the owner, she told me that she was very busy, and I told her that she had lost our business.

I probably shouldn’t have been so upset. They were really busy. However, Stan and I have a very strict lunch schedule. We just didn’t have time to be ignored. Plus, at one point, the waitress looked over at us, so I know that she knew we were there waiting.

Anyway, as you know, I joined Twitter so that I could follow Adagio Teas. I blogged about it yesterday. Today I found out that Teavana is on Twitter.

Well, if you glance at yesterday’s blog post, you’ll see that Adagio responded with a comment. And if you glance at my Twitter page, you’ll see that Teavana sent me a tweet after I exclaimed my happiness at finding them.

Now, guess which two of the three businesses mentioned in this post have my complete devotion.

4 thoughts on “Now, That’s Customer Satisfaction!

  1. Emily says:

    Tim and I have had this happen at both Panera and Buffalo Wild Wings recently. I understand being busy – really, I do – but how hard is it to acknowledge someone is there and at least get their drink order?!?!? It will be a long time before we go back to either of those places!

  2. Mark Short says:

    Okay… You know I love you and I detest poor service, but read your post concerning how much you liked the food at this restaurant and how both you and Stan really liked the place. Then think in these terms… Maybe the lady that waited on you was just a poor waitress, or really was busy and just overlooked you, (which since I’ve worked in retail I’ve found out can happen, because I’ve done it) Or maybe she was just having a bad day, like we all have and needed someone that is a Christian (like you) to encourage her, be more understanding of her and forgive her for her disregard for your tight lunch schedule. To be so quick to determine that you would never give them YOUR business again is a little rash. Be bigger than the situations like that you find yourself in. Like Emily stated, it happens at all kinds of restaurants and if you’re not careful you won’t be able to eat anywhere if you adopt the “screw me once” and you’ll never get my business again attitude. Hope you’ll give them another chance. Especially if you liked the food. Don’t be so quick to judge… I’m sure you would like the same consideration. And read your own post which said and I quote, “I probably shouldn’t have been so upset, they were really busy…” They probably just didn’t know that YOUR tight lunch schedule should take precedence over everything else that day…. Love you…. Life is too short and there are way to many things that are way more important. Make any sense at all…

  3. stan says:

    We do understand when someone is busy or having a bad day. On Valentine’s Day we had to wait a very long time at a restaurant just to be seated, but the frazzled wait staff was still able to provide us and everyone else with great service. We not only tipped generously but we tried to eat our meal quickly, out of respect for all of the other patrons who were waiting just as long as we’d had to. (It would have been rude to linger at our table when so many people needed it.)The main reason why companies strive to provide good customer service is so that they will retain their customers. If they know that customers will keep coming back regardless of how they are treated, then there’s no incentive to do a good job. The other day at Pappa’s, we were actually forgotten by the waitress. It wasn’t that she was slow when we needed her to be quick; it was that she continued to help other customers around us as though we weren’t even there. If she would have acknowledged us even once, we would have been more understanding and probably would have stayed. Or, because of the time, we still would have left but would have returned at another time. To be the only waitress on a busy floor is one thing; but to completely forget about a customer is entirely another, and that’s what we were not able to excuse.If Pappa’s wants our business back, they are going to have to earn it.

  4. Mark Short says:

    Fully understood and agreed with. And I’m not making excuses for her at all. I would have been just as upset I’m sure, it’s just that when you work in the public as I have the past two years that you have your moments and hope that people can help by understanding you just screwed up. I might be a little sensitive because of some of the behavior I’ve had to deal with from people that thought I wasn’t giving them the attention they needed when there were other customers who were equally demanding and I just couldn’t stay up with everybody. And I’ve probably overlooked somebody totally in those times without meaning too. And yes business’s are dependent on rendering good service if they expect people to return again. Hopefully this particular waitress will learn better people skills and realize that her actions can help make the business she’s a part of or break it… Hey, how bout some tacos from Mucho Mexico? There’s a place that you don’t have to worry about the waitress’s. Just go get it yourself… Ha…

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