And believe it or not, the tea didn’t help

Well, I’ve been sick. It started on Monday afternoon, quite suddenly with a dry cough. It turned into a terrible hacking cough with fever that lasted two days.

So for two days, all I have been able to drink is white grape juice on the rocks, and I have eaten less than I have ever eaten in my life. On Tuesday night, I ate half a bowl of shells and cheese, prepared by my gorgeous Stan. On Wednesday, I had a banana, and most of a grilled cheese sandwich. Today? Well, today it is the juice, and I officially ate less than half a cup of soup.

Is it starve a fever, feed a cold; or starve a cold, feed a fever? I can never remember.

Anyway, I’m sure no one cares about my meals, or lack thereof, over the past few days.

The real reason for the post is that (1) I haven’t posted in ages, and (2) I couldn’t drink tea. For two days. And I haven’t had any today. The tea didn’t help. I tried to drink tea the first day. I took one sip, and just couldn’t finish the cup. I wanted to. I thought it would be tremendously soothing on my throat, but it wasn’t.

So, I drank the white grape juice. I’m sure I’ll be back to my old tea drinking self in no time, but it made me sad that tea couldn’t soothe me in my time of need.

Anyway, to anyone that is actually still reading this blog, I’m sure there is more to post, and maybe I’ll post later. I’m just a little more interested in reading right now than writing.

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