The Big Day Approacheth!

No, no! Not THAT big day. I’m talking about Shakespeare’s 445th birthday on Thursday. Perhaps you weren’t aware that he was getting to be that old. Yes, my friends, he has aged well.

Fortunately, and most likely, to my family’s distress, I have just learned that Thursday, April 23rd, is Talk Like Shakespeare Day. Yes, you read that right. Talk Like Shakespeare Day. Awesome, right?

Don’t worry if you aren’t a Shakespearean scholar, it just so happens that there is a website (Talk Like to help you prepare to talk like Shakespeare on Thursday.

While I can’t guarantee I will talk like Shakespeare all day (I do have to answer phones, and our customers may not understand why I’m talking like that), I do plan to try to talk like Shakespeare as much as possible on Thursday. My hope is that we’ll have family dinner Thursday night so that I can drive my family crazy with my thees and thous.

So, talk like Shakespeare on Thursday. People may think you are crazy, but I bet it’ll be fun!

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