The Journey to Organize

It takes longer than I imagined to get organized. It turns out, when you like to write, that you end up with snippets of ideas and stories all over the place. Old computers, new computers, journals, hard drives, etc. It becomes a neverending search for the pieces that are actually worth keeping and working on, and the bits that should be destroyed and never picked up again. I’m about a tenth of the way through the stuff that is easily accessible. I haven’t even attacked the 500 GB hard drive that has, most likely, absolutely everything on it. The good news is that the most recent bits I’ve written do seem to be organized, mostly. I have a piece that I can’t decide if it goes with one of the two main stories I’m working on, or if it is going to be its own story. Other than that, it feels like I’m making progress. Of course, once it is done, I’ll be forced to move on to the part where I pick up writing new ideas again, rather than transcribing the older ideas into one place.

Have I mentioned that it is a journey? At this point, it is a journey that I’m really excited about. I hope it stays that way for quite some time, because I like writing. I ramble a lot when I write in blog form, but I sort of created this as a place to write whatever comes into my head, without trying to figure out where it fits. This is the “get my creative juices flowing” part of my life. It seems to be helping me out, at least in the sense that I am writing more. Is it quantity or quality with writers? I suppose, if you believe my creative writing teacher, that quantity leads to quality.

The journey to organize isn’t exactly about organization. I think it is about getting yourself to a place where you’re truly ready to begin the journey to write, even if you don’t have it all together. Right now, it is just about getting me to the place where writing daily, or working with my writing daily, is second nature. It isn’t as much of a journey as it is a decision I’m making every day to sit down and take the time to explore the world of writing. It becomes a journey when I follow through until I either finish, or give up altogether. Today, I feel like I will be on this journey to the finish, and I can only hope that I’ll still feel the same way tomorrow.

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