The Journey to Inspiration

Today, I’m torn between the desire to actually WANT to write, versus the desire to wait until inspiration comes before actually writing anything. I know, I should definitely just start writing, inspiration or not, because that is what good writers do, and I want to be a good writer. So, I’m writing, with nothing good to say, and nothing new to work on.

I’ve been told that writing produces better writing, so if I write every day, then I’ll come to a new place of inspiration. Of course, I’ve learned that I am usually more inspired to write after a saturation of television/film/books that are in the genre I want to write.

Lately, I haven’t been reading or watching much of anything, outside of the weekly TV shows on the DVR. I’m not sure those shows count as conduits for inspiration. In fact, they actually don’t count at all. They are our mindless escapes from reality.

Inspiration is tricky. It always shows up at the most inconvenient times. That is to say, even with the more recent steps I’ve taken to always have a place to write at the moment inspiration hits, inspiration is unfaithful. I am ready to be inspired now, but here I am, writing about the difficulties of inspiration. More than likely, I will be inspired tomorrow, in the shower, where neither pen and paper nor electronic devices work successfully. I guess I should have taken my husband’s advice and bought that notebook with waterproof paper.

Inspiration is fickle, and that is why I am writing these blog posts. I know that in order to be inspired, I have to put myself in a place of thinking, so inspiration can find me. Here I am, Inspiration, hit me!

Okay, maybe I’ll never be truly inspired. I’ll keep trying though. I have been inspired before, and I know it can happen again. This time, I am going to be ready.

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