The Journey to Experience

So, I suppose it is interesting to note that after just about a week’s worth of blogging, I stopped for about a week. Well, we are technically on vacation. Of course, vacation should be a time when I write more because I have more time, right? Wrong. I’m on vacation!

However, vacations are an excellent breeding ground for ideas. Plots, character development, settings and so many other parts of the story can crop up in the midst of an ordinary day.

This week, I’ve allowed myself to be on vacation, despite the fact that it meant I wasn’t writing quite as much. I think that is okay. It is important to have experiences along the way that can be gleaned for ideas.

I honestly don’t know if I’ll be a diligent blogger after this vacation, but I do still plan to keep writing no matter what, so I’m just trusting that something will blossom from the experience of this week.

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