The Journey to Restart the Routine

Vacation is over, and I inadvertently gave myself a few days off of writing by just being lazy. Restarting the habit has been more difficult than I imagined. I’ve been busy with work, and still feel like I’m recovering a little from the trip, so I just honestly have not wanted to blog, write, or even catch up on journaling the trip.

Today, I realized that I made a commitment to myself and I needed to see it through. So, I am writing a post, but I’m not sure my heart is in it. I think it may just take a few days to reestablish the routine. The good news is that I don’t have a publisher, or even a story to submit to a publisher, so there is no deadline to meet. The bad news is that same reason is what keeps me from feeling like writing daily is a must.

I think it is easy to start a new habit, and even to keep that new habit. But the moment you get interrupted and miss a day or two, it is almost like you never started the habit in the first place and you have to start over again.

I may not write any towards the novels today, but at least I’ve written this post. It’s something, though not much. I’m not worried, though. The writing will happen. The words will come, and someday I will finish my book, even if I never publish it.

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