The Journey to Read

Writing isn’t just about writing. Inspiration has to come from someplace, and whether that place is books, film or television doesn’t really matter. The important thing is to allow great works to feed your passion.

I’m working on science fiction, but I don’t necessarily think that means I should only read sci-fi. Reading varied generes can generate important plotlines.

More importantly, just reading as much as possible is a learning experience. Writers whose works have been published have so much to offer to a novice working on their first novel. Seeing what does and doesn’t work in print can shape your novel with ideas and methods to bring out the best in your story.

I picked up some new sci-fi books on vacation, and I hope they will be a great inspiration for me. More importantly, I hope I can learn from them. I know what I want to write, I just need to find the words and the way that best expresses it and that an audience will enjoy. Because even though I am writing for me, published or not, I still have to consider the small possibility that someday I might find a publisher who is willing to take a chance on me, and that means that my book should be something that others will enjoy and not just something I ramble on in without sense or reason.

That’s why I think reading is just as important as writing. It is possibly more important. It is a reminder that this journey isn’t only about me, but about what I might be able to share with others through my works.

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