Review: One of Our Thursdays is Missing

Last night, I finished reading One of Our Thursdays is Missing. I recently reread the whole series, because I knew this next Next would be out and wanted the previous novels to be fresh in my mind as I read this installation. It was a fun to reread the previous Nexts and I hope to repeat the process soon. It also helped that we spent the past weekend following Jasper Fforde around Missouri. I’ll talk more about that later.

One of Our Thursdays is Missing is unique in that it is not written from the perspective of the real Thursday Next, but is instead from the point of view of the written Thursday Next. This is the written TN we first met in First Among Sequels as the star of The Great Samuel Pepys Fiasco.

By the time I reached page 183, I was calling this book Fforde’s masterpiece. It was insane, ridiculous, and fantastic; all of which was increased by the sheer absurdity of the Bookworld. I loved it! As to the description of “masterpiece”, I’ll need to read The Fourth Bear again to verify if that is completely true.

It takes a little more concentration than some of the other books in the series, simply because much of the action takes place in Bookworld, and it takes some careful reading to understand what exactly it is that you don’t understand.

I don’t want to give away any spoilers, so there isn’t much in this review in the way of the actual content of the book. However, I will give the advice that if you are planning to read this book, I strongly recommend reading the first five books. While this book doesn’t address many of the issues presented in the previous book, there are times when prior knowledge of Thursday’s adventures (that is, the Real Thursday) is helpful.

As for the other, that is, as for the fact that Stan and I recently took a weekend trip that was basically planned around Jasper Fforde’s US tour schedule, there is much to say. Perhaps I should write a separate post for that.

The book, One of Our Thursdays is Missing, is well worth the time and effort, and gets my highest award of 5 Mario stars.

3 thoughts on “Review: One of Our Thursdays is Missing

  1. Jana Swartwood says:

    I'm happy to see you back, too! Really must get caught up on my Jasper Fforde…I still need to read First Among Sequels, if you can believe it. So glad to know the new book is good, though!

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