Blogging and Writing

Over the past 7 years, I’ve made several attempts at blogging.  I’ve started public blogs, private blogs, blogs under a different name, and so on.  Unfortunately, I’ve never had much luck staying totally faithful to it.  I have always looked at blogging as an exercise in writing.  If I could stay faithful to a blog, then perhaps I would have a chance to actually make it as a writer someday.  Also, writing in any form is good practice, and since my chosen career path is leading me into a world where writing is a requirement, well, I need all the practice I can get.

I love writing, but I have been unable to make a lasting commitment to write on a daily basis, which is what every good writer advises writers to do.  It isn’t that I don’t have time.  I just don’t make time.  Of course, that problem is complicated by the fact that I love to write, so I find myself wanting to write, but without the energy or motivation to actually do it.

So, this attempt at blogging isn’t commitment-related.  There are several factors that are behind my decision to start another blog that is a combination of several previous blogs.  One, WordPress has a much better interface for the iPad, and since the iPad has become a major part of my writing life, it seemed a logical move.  Two, I started an anonymous blog about a year ago that was all about my journey as a writer.  I loved that blog, but once I made the decision to start blogging again, maintaining two blogs (as I’ve discovered previously) is annoying and frustrating.  So, the few posts I had on that blog are now combined with my the posts from my other blogs that were previously on Blogger.  Three, I really do want to write more.  Once I decided that I’m not writing for anyone except myself, it became easier to justify having a blog that was out there and probably not being read.  So, this is the place.  The place I’ll be writing whenever the mood strikes.  I’m hoping this is my final move, but I make no guarantees.  I will do whatever it takes to try to force myself to become a more committed writer, so if that means starting a new blog every two or three years, then it is a small price to pay if it eventually works.

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