And we keep cleaning . . .

Kost Clean & Purge, day three . . . things are coming together. We’ve extended our goal of being finished from tonight to Friday night. It turns out that this is a much larger job than we originally thought. Both of our closets have been purged, and I can finally walk around in mine.

We’ve decided to donate all of our old stuff to a local ministry in town that our church supports. We just found out that they have a store, much like Goodwill or the Salvation Army, and they use the proceeds to fund their ministry.

I’ve been thinking lately about a minimalist lifestyle, and while I don’t think I can go as minimalist as some have, I’d like to attempt to do it in certain areas of my life. We have found that we have so much stuff. Most of it is junk that we’ll never use, but we held on to it “just in case”. That is our philosophy no longer. No more “just in case” or “maybe I’ll use this for _____”. We are only keeping what we KNOW we’ll use. (This philosophy absolutely EXCLUDES books and art supplies of course. We have to keep those majors supported.)

Of course, we reserve the right to keep anything that we want for any reason that we want, but we are really trying to purge without sentimentality. We have a few “nostalgia” boxes that we plan to store in the garage, but we are ONLY keeping things that really mean something.

I advise everyone to do this, to take stock of the “things” in their life and see what they can do without. I’m finding out through this process that I feel so much freedom just from knowing that we are on our way to organization and minimalization. You can’t buy that kind of freedom, it is something you have do decide you want and then determine that you will have it.

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