A Day Off

We didn’t do much cleaning today. Stan has been wanting to take a wandering drive, and so we did exactly that. It was fun, and we enjoyed just being out and about, but it has put us behind a little on our goals. Have I mentioned that this purging is a process? I had no idea exactly how much would be going into this, but it is just unbelievable the amount of little things you have that you need to find a home for, so to speak. We have found so many things that just take up room, but we can’t decide where to put them or whether they should be stored or tossed. At times, like earlier today, I just feel like I want to toss everything that I don’t use fairly often, but I know that would be ridiculous because I know that there are things I don’t use daily that we still need. For example, we have to keep the crockpot, because in the winter, Stan loves for me to cook Santa Fe soup. We have a blender that we keep because sometimes we like to make smoothies (well, Stan does).

Anyway, our day off was somewhat productive. First of all, I now have power in my writing nook. I’ve been searching for the perfect power solution, and we came across it today at Bed, Bath & Beyond after several visits to other stores who did not have the surge protector I wanted. I also found a couple of other useful items and got started on the search for the perfect desk chair. I found one I like, but I want to keep my options open.

While we didn’t do much cleaning/purging today, I think we did something far more important. We just took some time out for each other, and it was a good day. School will be starting for both of us in a week, and this semesters, our schedules are such that it seems like we may not see as much of one another as usual. So, I’m really glad that we took today to just have some fun together.

We still have so much to do, and I know that there are some things that just won’t get done as quickly as I’d like, so I’m trying to be patient. The most important thing is that we’re still working and still staying strong in our determination to declutter, and I think that will sustain us until we are finished.

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