Technology Forgotten

I realized today that I sometimes I forget that I have the WordPress app on my iDevices. I waste so much time playing games and reading eBooks, that I forget I have a writing tool at my disposal at all times. I even carry my Bluetooth keyboard around everywhere I go, so I always have the ability and usually the opportunity to take time to write a blog post, or something.

I’m taking a creative writing class this semester. It is basically a fiction writing workshop, and it has been tough. I have to write two 12-15 page stories this semester, and when I started classes, I had absolutely no ideas. So, I tossed something together and it was terrible. I started over and came up with something that will work, but that I is still not pleasing.

Writing is hard. I want to write so badly, and all of the time. I want so much to be one of those people who wakes up at 5:00 AM ready to spend time writing before they start their day. I am not. I’m one of those people who is so tired of being on a computer all day long, that by the time I come home, I just want to forget that computers exist and watch TV or something equally mindless.

Technology is such a convenience that I take it for granted. I’m always complaining about how I don’t have time to do the things I want. I don’t have time to write, to blog, to focus on music. I was reminded this week that I have an amazing tool for making music at my disposal in my iDevices, yet I don’t use them. I have the ability to do any of these things at any time I want without much effort on my part, and yet I still get frustrated over a “lack of time.” Remembering that I have a way to make music helped me to remember that WordPress has an app, which means I can blog from anywhere, even if I don’t have WiFi. And, since I always have my phone, I always have Evernote, which is my writing tool of choice. So, I have to ask myself, what am I complaining about? I have everything I need to do all the things I want to do. Now, I just have to do them.

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