And the beat goes on . . .

I was going through some old drafts in WordPress and came across the unfinished post below:

Let’s dance today.

I wish I could write as freely as I dance. Dancing is easy for me. Just put on a good song, give me a little room, and you can’t stop me. I don’t have to prepare to dance. I just turn on the music and let loose. I don’t perfect when I’m dancing. If I miss a step, I just keep on moving.

I want to write that way. I just want to sit down and let loose. I want to write without editing, just keep my pen moving on the page until I run out of words.

I’ve tried to write like that, and sometimes I can do it. Most of the time, I’m too critical. I was critical just yesterday when I was taking notes. I had to get the words just perfect, even though no one except me was ever going to read those notes.

I wasn’t even writing my own words, but they had to be perfect.

If I’d been dancing, I would have just pretended that I meant to do that and kept going.

That’s how I should be writing right now. I can edit later. Editing doesn’t need to happen until the story is completed. I need to retrain my brain to treat writing like a dance. I just need to let loose and write.

Maybe I should dance first? Get the freedom flowing and see what comes out?

Now, I really feel like dancing.

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