Tea, Infused!

Have I mentioned that I’m drinking tea again?

That’s right, Jai. I’ve quit coffee (again), and I’m drinking hot tea instead (again).

I realized I hadn’t blogged about it when I noticed on my stats that I have had a visitor from Revolution Tea Corp. I don’t know who you are, but I LOVE your tea! My favorite is Earl Grey Lavender. Although, the Royal Plum Decaf is amazing. Oh, how I wish that came in caffeinated. I almost had some of the Earl Gray Lavender today, but I’m down to my last bag, so I wanted to save it for later. Today I’m drinking Tea Forte’s Earl Grey, which is a very good tea.

When Stan and I were on our honeymoon, we came across a delightful shop in Leavenworth, Kansas, called Queen’s Pantry and Tea Room. They import their products directly from England. While we were there, I purchased a box of PG Tips. I actually just opened the box, and let me just say that after all these months, these bags still make a very good cup of tea.

I also discovered that I still had a bag of Twinings Earl Grey and Lady Grey, which I also bought in Leavenworth.

Oh, and I hope the English forgive me, but Lipton has a tea called Bavarian Wild Berry that is amazing!

Twinings Irish Breakfast Tea is still my favorite tea of all time, by far, but I just love it that there are so many amazing teas out there.

I have this wonderful cup, that Stan’s dad gave us, which actually allows you to infuse the tea in the cup. It has a basket that fits inside the cup, an insert with a hole for drinking and a screw top lid to keep on while infusing. I love this cup. It makes the tea drinking experience so much easier.

My next venture is to begin drinking loose tea. I have heard it has even more benefits than bagged tea because it hasn’t been broken down as much.

Yeah, Mark, I know, I’m a tea freak.

Reconnecting . . .

I just got a wonderful surprise! Stan and I received a new comment on the wedding blog from my friend Rindy! Rindy and I were very good friends from the 3rd grade on (well, once we got past competing over Allison’s attention). Anyway, guess what?? Rindy has a blog! I’ve added her as a link on my side bar, and I think you should all check it out!


The announcement has been made! Stan and I are engaged! You can stay posted on us and our wedding plans our wedding blog.