A Day Off

We didn’t do much cleaning today. Stan has been wanting to take a wandering drive, and so we did exactly that. It was fun, and we enjoyed just being out and about, but it has put us behind a little on our goals. Have I mentioned that this purging is a process? I had no idea exactly how much would be going into this, but it is just unbelievable the amount of little things you have that you need to find a home for, so to speak. We have found so many things that just take up room, but we can’t decide where to put them or whether they should be stored or tossed. At times, like earlier today, I just feel like I want to toss everything that I don’t use fairly often, but I know that would be ridiculous because I know that there are things I don’t use daily that we still need. For example, we have to keep the crockpot, because in the winter, Stan loves for me to cook Santa Fe soup. We have a blender that we keep because sometimes we like to make smoothies (well, Stan does).

Anyway, our day off was somewhat productive. First of all, I now have power in my writing nook. I’ve been searching for the perfect power solution, and we came across it today at Bed, Bath & Beyond after several visits to other stores who did not have the surge protector I wanted. I also found a couple of other useful items and got started on the search for the perfect desk chair. I found one I like, but I want to keep my options open.

While we didn’t do much cleaning/purging today, I think we did something far more important. We just took some time out for each other, and it was a good day. School will be starting for both of us in a week, and this semesters, our schedules are such that it seems like we may not see as much of one another as usual. So, I’m really glad that we took today to just have some fun together.

We still have so much to do, and I know that there are some things that just won’t get done as quickly as I’d like, so I’m trying to be patient. The most important thing is that we’re still working and still staying strong in our determination to declutter, and I think that will sustain us until we are finished.


And we keep cleaning . . .

Kost Clean & Purge, day three . . . things are coming together. We’ve extended our goal of being finished from tonight to Friday night. It turns out that this is a much larger job than we originally thought. Both of our closets have been purged, and I can finally walk around in mine.

We’ve decided to donate all of our old stuff to a local ministry in town that our church supports. We just found out that they have a store, much like Goodwill or the Salvation Army, and they use the proceeds to fund their ministry.

I’ve been thinking lately about a minimalist lifestyle, and while I don’t think I can go as minimalist as some have, I’d like to attempt to do it in certain areas of my life. We have found that we have so much stuff. Most of it is junk that we’ll never use, but we held on to it “just in case”. That is our philosophy no longer. No more “just in case” or “maybe I’ll use this for _____”. We are only keeping what we KNOW we’ll use. (This philosophy absolutely EXCLUDES books and art supplies of course. We have to keep those majors supported.)

Of course, we reserve the right to keep anything that we want for any reason that we want, but we are really trying to purge without sentimentality. We have a few “nostalgia” boxes that we plan to store in the garage, but we are ONLY keeping things that really mean something.

I advise everyone to do this, to take stock of the “things” in their life and see what they can do without. I’m finding out through this process that I feel so much freedom just from knowing that we are on our way to organization and minimalization. You can’t buy that kind of freedom, it is something you have do decide you want and then determine that you will have it.

Clean and Purge . . . and Clean Again

Stan and I have been working on a serious clean-up on our house. It has felt pretty good, especially when we see how neat and tidy things look after getting rid of several bags of clothes. So far, we have worked a little in every room of the house, and although there is still a pretty big mess, it is an organized mess. It has given us a sense of accomplishment to know that we have been able to part with so much.

During this process, Stan had the brilliant idea of turning the closet in our spare bedroom into a small writing space. From the moment he mentioned it, I went crazy for the idea and had a difficult time focusing on anything else other than getting my writing space in order! The original plan had been to rearrange the spare room to turn his large desk into a place I could do school work, but I much prefer this idea. It is small, but cozy. He hung my “Shakespeare Bookstore” picture and my BA Degree (since I have no office of my own). We also moved one of our bookshelves in here along with my grandmother’s desk. I LOVE IT! I want to sit in here all day and write. I have the bookshelf organized with my school books and my lesson books for youth. The only thing missing at this time is a power cord for charging my electronic devices, but that is something we have on the shopping list. Oh and a different chair, because the stool I am currently sitting on will not be comfortable for long. One of the great things about it is the potential for distraction free writing. If I try to write in the living room, there is always the TV, the movie rack, the Xbox, just sitting there . . . waiting . . . calling out to me. In here, there are books, and, um, books.


In addition to the writing space, I’ve basically cleaned all of the clothes from my closet that I haven’t worn in over a year. Basically, anything that we have that we have either never or rarely used is gone. It is a great feeling.

Overall, I’m really glad we decided to do this. I’ve enjoyed purging. It has made me want to do this in all areas of my life. I’m sure there is a spiritual message in there somewhere.

Well, the laundry is calling . . .