Wednesdays and Writers

Thanks to John over at The Book Mine Set, I’ve discovered the fun of comparing great authors against one another to see who is the most popular.

Today, John is asking readers to vote for either Jane Austen or Dr. Seuss! It is always interesting to see who he’ll pick to go against the previous week’s winner.

Despite my love for Jane, I had to put my vote in for Dr. Seuss. Many of those who have commented have made the ridiculous statement that “Dr. Seuss is for kids. No adult would pick up his works.” How very, very wrong they are! I could read any one of his books right now, and be just as delighted as if I had just finished one of Shakespeare’s plays!

I’ve decided that with the recent productions of movies like Miss Potter and Becoming Jane, I now want to see a movie based on the life of the man known as Dr. Seuss. Can you imagine integrating live action with little Cindy Lou Who? One of the most charming aspects of Miss Potter was the animation of her beloved characters.

Incidentally, on our visit to Portland last spring, Stan and I ran across some of the artwork of Dr. Seuss. It is wonderful art. Although, as we’ve discovered, very difficult to get your hands on.

2 thoughts on “Wednesdays and Writers

  1. John Mutford says:

    Glad your enjoying it. As a parent and an elementary teacher, I’ve gotten to reconnect with all the wonderful children’s lit that’s out there- from the stuff I liked as a kid, to newer stuff. I hope that I continue to read such books, even after my own children are grown up and gone.

  2. Coley says:

    I am enjoying it very much!I still love to read children’s books. I’ve considered taking a children’s lit class at my university.I can’t help but remember how it was those delightful stories of Judy Blume and Beverly Cleary that really fueled my love for reading!

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