The Post Birthday Blues

Yesterday was my birthday. It was likely the most anticlimactic birthday I’ve ever experienced. It came and went like any other day. I didn’t really expect a tremendous amount of hoopla, but I thought there might be a small amount of celebration, at least among the family. I will say, my friend Jana did send me two e-cards that I thoroughly enjoyed. My parents did take me to lunch, restaurant my choice (Mexican), but because of the work thing (again) I felt rushed. The actual birthday didn’t seem to have the flourish I felt it should. Granted, I realize that I’m getting older and birthdays are not as big a deal as they used to be, and I understand that, but my question for today is why not? Why aren’t birthdays as big a deal as when we were younger? The accomplishment is the same. Furthermore, the struggle to survive is more difficult as you get older, because you have fewer people protecting you from the harsh elements of life. The fundamental thought of surviving another year and doing so successfully has not changed just because you have matured beyond the need and desire for toys. (To add a sidenote: we still crave the attention we received when we were young. Just because we have grown up doesn’t mean we don’t still need to have the attention on us for one day. After all, it is only one day.) We celebrate the holidays with the same amount of excitement and enjoyment each year without fail. I think that every birthday should have great celebration, no matter what the age may be. So, here’s to my birthday! Yes, it was yesterday. No, I don’t have another for 364 more days. I still say, here’s to my birthday and here’s to all birthdays! May we always celebrate them with joy, excitement, and pride for the accomplishment of surviving the harsh elements life throws our way!

One thought on “The Post Birthday Blues

  1. Becky Davis says:

    Nicole, I agree with you. Birthdays should be a bigger deal than what we make them. But what do we as adults want, really want for our birthdays? The day off work (or an extra day off work since my birthday is on a weekend this year), but there has to be more. What could we do to make this day truly special and fun–especially for those of us with winter birthdays?

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