My Niece’s First Prank Call

A couple of nights ago, my phone rang at about 10 minutes to 4 in the morning. It was my sister-in-law calling. Before I could answer, she had hung up the phone, and I immediately started thinking the worst. If I could imagine it, I thought it! I called back immediately, twice. I also called my brother’s cell. I sent a text message. No response. I was pretty worried.

So, I went upstairs and woke my parents up. I told them the story, and they were equally worried. They asked if I had tried the house number. I hadn’t. I called it, and my sister-in-law answered. I asked if everything was okay, and she seemed a little confused. So, I explained that she had called just a few minutes earlier.

She hadn’t.

It turns out that my 18 month old niece had woken up in the middle of the night, grabbed her mother’s cell phone to play with, and managed to call Aunt Coco in the process. She also managed to put it on silent so that when I called back, no one could hear the phone ringing.

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