30 Things

In honor of my 30th birthday, which is Thursday, I have decided to post this:

30 Things You May Not Know About Me:

1. When I was about 3, I played Tic Tac Toe by myself on the wall of our house in crayon, and never won a game. Every single one was a tie. Oh, and I blamed a spider for the handiwork.

2. I had two imaginary friends as a child. One named Keke, that I liked; and one named Jon McInroe that I hated. McInroe was a cowboy with a ten gallon hat and spurs.

3. In junior high school, I snuck this guy into my room to see my friend Erin, who was his girlfriend at the time (seriously, read his bio, he’s originally from Magnolia).

4. I have never eaten, or as far as I know, even touched, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in my entire life.

5. I truly believe that my brother is a brilliant musician, and because of that, he is the person whose opinion I trust most when it comes to my singing.

6. I have always been terrified of people who were dressed up in costumes, and even as an adult, I feel uncomfortable when someone in a costume comes near me. Oddly, I love to perform in the theatre, which requires me to dress up in a costume.

7. Despite the fact that I hated The Great Divorce, I find myself thinking of it at the oddest times, and I truly feel like it influenced my life somehow.

8. I still love music by New Kids on the Block, Debbie Gibson, and Tiffany; and would love to own all of their albums on CD.

9. I actually really love the flavor of mushrooms. I just cannot stand the texture. It makes me gag when I get one in my mouth. Incidentally, I love black olives, which have the same texture when cooked on a pizza.

10. I once went cave spelunking with friends, and had the time of my life, despite the fact that I got terribly dirty.

11. I once threatened to run away from home, and actually walked out the door. I packed only my tape case and my boom box. I got as far as the front steps of our church, which was next door, sat there for a bit, then went home.

12. I keep my personal library organized not only by author, but also by genre. I would seriously implement the Dewey Decimal System if I had the time.

13. I once met Chad Allen at a restaurant in Albuquerque, NM. The waiter gave me the coffee mug that he was using, and I still have it to this day.

14. In relation to #9, I feel the exact same way about raisins. I love the flavor, but I just cannot stand the gummy texture. To remedy this, I have often bought Raisin Bran, and taken out the raisins. And trust me, it is NOT the same if I just buy Bran Flakes. The flakes do not taste the same without the essence of raisin.

15. I refused to eat spaghetti noodles as a child because someone told me they were worms. Even as an adult, if given the choice, I will eat any other type of pasta besides spaghetti noodles. (Unless those spaghetti noodles happen to be in the form of lo mein from Wing’s N More.)

16. The first acting role I ever had was as Alice in Alice in Wonderland in the third grade. If you watch the video of that performance very closely, you can see me biting the inside of my lip to keep from singing every song in the play.

17. My kindergarten teacher never knew my name. She called me Michelle for the entire year, even in parent/teacher conferences with my mother.

18. Speaking of kindergarten: Because I was such a talkative child, I had to stand in the corner nearly every day of kindergarten. This might explain why Mrs. Buffington never liked me much.

19. Obviously, I have food issues. I hate meringue, Cool Whip, whipped cream, and marshmallow cream, but I love cottage cheese. I hate the first four because of their texture, and I love the last one because of its texture. I’m weird. I know.

20. I can count on one hand the number of school teachers with whom I either didn’t get along with or didn’t like.

21. I can also name every single teacher that has made a significant impact on my life. (And no, I can’t remember who won the Oscar for best actress last year.)

22. One of my absolute favorite things to eat is canned Le Sueur Early Peas. I have called them English peas my whole life, and I have no idea why.

23. On the subject of peas; I have always loved to mix my mashed potatoes and peas. I like to spoon out the mashed potatoes and then make a little volcano of peas in the middle.

24. I have attended six different colleges: Frank Phillips College, West Texas A&M University, Texas Bible Institute, Oklahoma Panhandle State University, Oral Roberts University, and Missouri Southern State University; and I will probably need to attend at least one more before it’s all said and done. (MSSU has no graduate English program.)

25. I have never been able to roll my r’s. For this reason, I feel inadequately equipped to learn Spanish.

26. When I was in the second grade, my classmates always accused me of wearing Lee Press On Nails because my fingernails were always so long and grew so fast.

27. I have a thing for even numbers. When I was in high school, I used to line my Skittles up two by two in order of color eaten first. I usually had to throw one away because there was an odd number of Skittles in the bag.

28. I took piano lessons from the time I was in the first grade until the sixth, and the only thing I can still play is “Fur Elise.”

29. Although I complain and complain about math, I secretly enjoy working out figures and equations. I disliked it because I wasn’t good at it, not because I didn’t enjoy it. If only Mr. Green had known that, he might not have let that boa constrictor slither around the classroom.

30. When I was in school, my friends thought I was terribly gullible so they were always playing pranks on me. I think that is one of the reasons that I have such a difficult time believing that people are always telling me the truth.

4 thoughts on “30 Things

  1. meagan says:

    Oh! I didn’t know a single one of those things about you! Already, see how much I’ve learned since re-joining the blogger world a couple days ago?!If this comment box had a quote option, I would comment to you with my thoughts on almost every one of your 30 things. 🙂love meagan

  2. rindy says:

    You just took me back to the 4th or 5th grade when Allison and I told you that I was moving away, or something like that. Hope our little innocent prank didn’t really scar you for life. 🙂 Thanks for the memories…or sort of memory…I’m getting old! 🙂 Happy birthday, btw!

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