The Journey to Embrace Technology

I have received a lot of strange looks when I explain to people that this process of writing is mostly happening on my iPhone. It is an odd choice, I realize, but I came to the conclusion that my phone was the only thing that is always with me.

I have a laptop, but I don’t take it every place I go. I’ve started taking it more and more places, but I don’t usually take it everywhere. I’ve tried carrying a journal in my purse, but the journals I prefer to use are too large to fit and I end up leaving them in the car. So, I turned to my phone. With a little research, I quickly discovered there are a number of great iPhone apps that are designed with writers and notetakers in mind. All of a sudden, it became clear: I’ll do a big part of my writing and brainstorming on the phone. It’s perfect, especially considering the fact that I quite literally take my phone everywhere. For obvious reasons, I don’t take it in the shower, but I take it everywhere else. It makes sense. My phone is the one thing that I always have the ability to access. If I’m storing all of my notes and ideas on it, then I always have those notes and ideas wherever I roam. It is an awesome solution to a frustrating problem.

Once I embraced that idea, I did more research and found that I’m not alone. There are entire communities of people who are also embracing their phones as their primary writing tool.

Since inspiration never strikes when I’m sitting down at the computer or journal ready to write, I have decided that technology is my best friend on this journey to print. So, give me all of the strange looks you want, this is my journey and I’m traveling it in the way that is best for me.

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