First Time for Everything

This year, for the first time ever, I am blogging from camp!

I’ve been working on my school work for a couple of days, and today it just hit me that I could post a blog post.

So, here I am, sitting at dinner, listening to the roar of the kids chattering after a full day. I’m watching my niece and nephew eat cheeseburgers at our ‘usual’ table. Mark has the microphone and he’s telling the kids that they can have seconds.

Camp has been exciting so far. On Sunday night we had a bad storm come through. It was the worst anyone on the hill had ever seen. We had hail, high winds, and the worst flooding I can remember. We lost electricity and didn’t get it back until about 24 hours later (aside from a two hour break where the electricity came on and went back off before I could get make up on.) A tree fell over and destroyed part of one cabin and landed on another, but didn’t damage it, as far as we can tell. We had some wonderful people who loaned us a few generators, so we were able to have running water and keep the food from spoiling. I can’t ever remember a time when we lost power for that long, and neither can anyone else.

The power has been back on for more than 24 hours, and camp is back to normal, or something like it.

Ever since the power went out, the song in my head has been, “There is power, power/ wonder working power/in the blood/of the Lamb./There is power, power/wonder working power/in the precious blood of the Lamb.” I’ve been thinking it, singing it, and praying it. It’s been my hope, my faith, and my joy this week.

Camp is an unbelievable place. I can’t think of any other place that is so familiar to me. I look out towards the tabernacle and I am flooded with memories, from the earliest my memory can reach to this very moment. I can’t even describe all of the emotions that well up inside of me when I am on this hill. But they are all there, all of the emotions that I’ve ever felt, I’ve felt at this place. All of the dreams I have ever dreamed, I’ve dreamed at this place. If I could collect all of the tears I’ve cried at this place, I could replenish the Pacific Ocean should it ever run dry.

So, I’m blogging from camp. Isn’t technology amazing?!

2 thoughts on “First Time for Everything

  1. Amy Jo says:

    Thanks Nicole!I miss camp. So much. Please keep posting. Tell everyone I said hello!P.S. I’ve been singing that song for the last two weeks. 🙂

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