Debating Inventions??? (And why I need help!)

First it was VHS vs. Betamax.

Then it was HD DVD vs. Blu-ray.

Now, it is Amazon Kindle vs. Sony Reader.

Since I have decided that I want to get an e-book reader, I am researching. I need to know which one is better. More importantly, I need to know which one is still going to be around in 20 years. You know that all of those people who chose Betamax over VHS had to buy new VCRs about a year later. I don’t want to get one of these and then in a year not be able to find parts and accessories because no one’s selling it.

Does anyone happen to have any insight?


4 thoughts on “Debating Inventions??? (And why I need help!)

  1. Jana Swartwood says:

    Well, I have no insight whatsoever (in the sense that I don’t have an ebook reader either), but have you tried looking on for reviews? I find there’s a lot of good info on that site.

  2. Coley says:

    Jana, I have looked on, and was not really satisfied with their reviews. Apparently, both readers have pros and cons that could be a selling point either way.I am still researching, though.

  3. Coley says:

    Emily, I have two reasons that have sold me on getting one.1) Think of how many books you can carry while traveling, and still only have the weight of about one book. Plus, with expandable memory, that number greatly increases. Perfect for airline travel, and one would most likely fit in my purse, so that I would always have a small library of books with me at all times.2) They are starting to make textbooks available, which will be very nice for those courses that might require several books (ahem, English). A lighter book bag is always acceptable.Don’t get me wrong. I will continue to add to my paper library, and likely read those books at home. The e-Reader would simply be for mobility.

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