Why My Family is Awesome

Last night, I was talking about this girl I go to school with named India. I said her name several times in the course of the conversation, and finally my Mom asked,

“Why are you calling her “India?”

To which I responded,

“Because that’s her name.”

Way to go, Mom! You get the gold medal for ridiculous questions!

In other family news, the nephew was playing “police man” with Mom. He told her that they were police and they had to shoot the bad guys, but that they couldn’t shoot them because they were in the clouds and Jesus was up there. So, he finally said that they could shoot them because they weren’t behind the clouds anymore. After a few seconds of pretend shooting, he said,

“Grammy, I think you just shot the disdappeared Jesus.”

And finally, the niece, who now understands that she can make us laugh, has learned how to say,

“Shake you booty.”

I really do love my family!

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