Several years ago, my good friend Brent and I used to do a skit that we called the “Banana/Bandana” skit. In the skit, Brent would dress like a dork (No, really, he did. He wore mismatched clothes, several ties, a crazy hat, the whole works.), and I would be a magician trying to do a trick with a bandana. Well, Brent would volunteer, and I would always pick him. He would blindfold me, then proceed to mistake the banana on the table for a bandana. He would try to do the trick with a banana, and, of course, end up with banana all over his face. The skit would end with Brent chasing me with a bucket of water, and then throw the water on the kids instead of me. It was one of those crazy things we used to do for camps and youth groups for fun.

Well, today I was eating a banana, and I thought about my dear friend Brent, who I haven’t heard from in several years, and our silly “Banana/Bandana” skit. I always wanted to revive the skit, but I can’t convince anyone to smear banana on their face for the sake of a laugh. (Though, I haven’t asked my dear husband.)

So, if you ever feel like smearing banana on your face, please let me know. I’ll even let you throw water on a group of teenagers! Won’t that be fun?

3 thoughts on “Banana/Bandana

  1. Anonymous says:

    hi this is completely unrelated to what you wrote today. I am a new blogger and my comment tab disappeared about a week after starting. I have been driving myself insane trying to fix it. I have done all the usual things under settings. I can’t get anyone to help me on blogger. I found you through a comment you made saying that at one time you had a similar problem. I AM NOT computer savvy. Can you talk slowly and help me understand what to do? my email address is ThanksAmy

  2. Amy says:

    Nicole, this post made me so happy! I’ve been thinking of Brent and Stephanie lately. Forgot about the banana/bandanna though. 🙂 What was his character’s name? Remember when he prayed in that voice… ack!P.S. My word verification is fansin. Random info just for you.

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