Yesterday Teavana, Today Adagio

Okay, I love Teavana. Let’s just make sure that everyone understands that. I don’t care how much some people may hate it, I love it.

That said, I want to mention Adagio. Adagio is actually the site where I first saw the most awesome tea steeper ever made, though I actually own the one made by Teavana.

Adagio is also a seller of loose teas, and this week, a friend and I placed an order for some of their sample teas. Unlike Teavana, Adagio sells samples of all of their teas for a very reasonable price, at around $2 for most of the teas. Since my friend was placing an order anyway, I decided to give Adagio a try.

The order hasn’t come in yet (order just placed today), but it should be in next week and I’m so excited.

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